Magazine Publishers Operating Grant

Apply for funding to help cover operating and specific business development related expenses related to the production of magazines.


Eligible organizations may receive funding to invest in the operations, administration and in specific business development activities of their organization to further its mission and strengthen the organization's and industry’s capacity.

The grant is intended to increase the financial viability and business growth of the Alberta magazine publishing industry, while still recognizing the cultural importance of the industry as a whole.

Grant deadline

The intake period is open from April 1 to June 1 annually.


Grants are calculated using a formulaic model, and are a combination of a base grant and a supplementary top-up.

The base amount is derived using a percentage of the industry average for the editor or editor-in-chief. This is then multiplied by the number of issues published per year.

The top-up is determined using the actual spend for allowable editorial content creation multiplied by a percentage allocated based on the type of magazine publication.

Eligible organizations may receive no less than a minimum of $5,000 or more than a maximum of $125,000.


Eligible organizations

To be considered eligible, your organization must be primarily involved in the production of magazines.

Your organization must also:

  • be registered and in good standing in accordance with the appropriate provincial legislation
  • have been in operation in Alberta for at least 12 months prior to application date and have completed one full publishing schedule prior to the application date
  • be at least 51% majority owned by an Albertan or Albertans, and the effective managerial and editorial control of the magazine resides with persons who are residents of Alberta
  • produce magazines and digital magazines by individuals other than the organization's principals, board members or stakeholders; with published editorial content from more than one person
  • be primarily engaged and generate earned revenues aside from any government sourced funding
  • present fair compensation for editorial content from more than one person
  • be physically located in Alberta
  • have editorial policies and decisions that are in the sole control of an editor or editorial board
  • have a clear distinction between editorial content and advertising, with advertising or sponsored content and supplements clearly identified
  • present products that clearly display a masthead or contact page that includes, at minimum, the names of the publisher and editor in addition to the postal address for the publication
  • contain at minimum, an average of 80% original Canadian editorial content. Content curated, syndicated reproduced or paid for by a third party (commonly known as advertorial) is not considered original editorial content for the purposes of this program

Magazine eligibility

Print issues

  • Be a minimum of 24 bound pages in length on average for published issues.
  • Have a publicly accessible distribution network – for example, subscriber list, newsstand, tourism outlets.
  • Have a minimum print run of 500 copies.
  • Publish at minimum 2 issues per year to a maximum of 52.

Digital issues

  • Be a destination for users or readers rather than an e-newsletter, RSS feed or similar.
  • Publish under a common title, with an established publishing calendar.
  • Archive a substantive amount of content, which can include articles, videos, photos, infographics etc., as sequential, issue-based.
  • Maintain a regular publishing schedule in which the majority of editorial content changes, at minimum, twice during a 12-month period.
  • Be able to demonstrate readership using a verifiable method identified by the publisher, specific to the publication. Publishers may be asked for verification.
  • Maintain circulation at one of the following levels over the most recent 12-month period:
    • open-access, web-based service: maintain a minimum of 5,000 unique monthly visitors
    • closed-access (subscription, paywall): maintain a minimum of 200 active subscribers

Eligible expenses and activities

Core expenses

Eligible expenses for core funding include all normal operating expenses, including but not limited to:

  • administration and programming fees
  • salaries for permanent employees
  • fees for artists or persons under contract
  • repairs and maintenance of equipment and fixed assets
  • renting facilities used in production and presentation programming

Business development expenses

In addition to regular core operational activities, specific business development activities are included as eligible activities. Applicants may utilize up to 20% of their approved grant for business development activities. This includes initiatives that increase revenues, contribute to growth in terms of business expansion, and increase profitability by building strategic partnerships and making strategic business decisions.

Expenses for business development activities, if claimed, are not eligible for support under the Cultural Industry Organizations Project Grant.

How to apply

Step 1: Review the guidelines

Review the Magazine Publishers Operating Grant Guidelines to review the program and application requirements.

Step 2: Create an online profile

New applicants must request access to set up an online profile prior to filling out an application.

To set up a profile, complete the GATE Front Office Registration form and email it to: [email protected]

Your login credentials will be emailed to you.

Step 3: Complete the application package

Login to the Online Grant Application System to begin your application.

Step 4: Submit your application

Submission details will be updated accordingly.

Faxed, emailed, late or incomplete applications are not accepted.

After you apply

Your application will be assessed and funding calculated based on the funding formula and the information provided in the application package.

Applicants will be notified in writing of the result of their application and funding status after all recommendations have been approved.


Grant recipients may meet reporting requirements in one of 2 ways:

  1. The applicant may apply in the subsequent year to the grant program, in which a completed application form with attachments is submitted through the online grant application system and support material is received.
  2. If a subsequent application is not submitted, the grant recipient must submit a full final report as detailed in the program guidelines through the online grant application system.


Connect with us if you have questions about the Cultural Industry Grants:

Phone: 780-422-8584
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]