Regulations and resources for farmers, ranchers and operators, including disease, production and economics.

Services and information

  • Regulations, research and resources for beekeepers.
  • You may obtain a recreational or commercial fish culture licence for certain species in Alberta.
  • Information on nutrition, varieties, seeding, harvesting and storage of forage crops.
  • Resources for farmers and operators on a range of livestock diseases and pests.
  • Information about the safe handling of livestock, including techniques and how best to use corrals.
  • Beef livestock husbandry information and software programs.
  • Resources relating to nutrition requirements for livestock.
  • Traceability in Alberta relies on 3 fundamental pillars of premises identification, animal identification and animal movement.
  • Information about automatic livestock waterers, water requirements for livestock and remote pasture water systems.
  • Resources for how to effectively manage pastures.
  • Poultry health program, and poultry disease management and investigations.