Livestock husbandry

Beef Cow-Calf Manual

Published in 2008, this 4th edition of the Beef Cow-Calf Manual was revised and expanded from 1989 edition to keep pace with recent information and technological advances. It provides an overview of the basic principles of beef management, including: genetics, economics, calf management, nutrition and feeding, animal health, cattle pests, handling facilities and fencing and herd management.

Management Strategies for Cattle During Dry Conditions

This fact sheet outlines how cattle producers can “buy feeding days” of forages and/or grazing while maintaining a reasonable level of productivity.


A description of the stages of labour for cattle and how to correct any problems that arise.

Disease and pests

Sarcoptic Mange in Cattle

Fact sheet on Sarcoptic mange (or barn itch), a disease caused by the parasitic mite Sarcoptes scabiei.

Bloat in Cattle

This guide provides information on the causes, control and treatment of bloat in cattle and is intended for livestock producers, veterinarians and agrologists.

Black fly control

Apart from the annoyance and discomfort, black flies cause economic losses through reduced beef and milk production, reduced efficiency of agricultural and industrial workers, and spread of diseases.


Corrals for Handling Beef Cattle

This comprehensive guide features information on cattle behaviour, handling techniques, corral design corral geometry and corral components. Packed with over 60 designs and corral plans, it was reviewed by industry experts including Temple Grandin.

Handling Livestock Safely

Understanding animal instincts and behaviour allow handlers to work calmly with animals, resulting in less stress for the animal and fewer injuries to the handler.

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