Public Library Services Branch (PLSB) is happy to announce the return of Board Basics!

Our previous Board Basics Workshop has been refreshed and will be delivered virtually in a series of seven sessions. The sessions will cover all the material previously delivered as part of the full-day Board Basics Workshop, along with some new content.

These workshops are open to all library board members and library managers. We encourage library board members to consider attending one or all of the following sessions. Although the content of the sessions is interconnected, the sessions are designed to be standalone. You can attend any of the sessions without having previously attended any of the others.

Upcoming workshops

Check back in the fall for information on upcoming workshops.

  • Session 1 – Public Library Service in Alberta

    This introductory session will provide a foundational overview of the structure of public library service delivery in Alberta. It will include a brief introduction to the roles and responsibilities of Public Library Services Board (PLSB), municipal council, and library boards.

  • Session 2 – Municipal and Intermunicipal Library Boards

    In this session, we examine the critical role of municipal and intermunicipal library boards. You’ll learn:

    • what municipal library boards are and how they’re created
    • how they interact with municipal council and other pieces of the provincial structure
    • what work the board does to make public library service possible

    We’ll also explore the Libraries Act and Libraries Regulation in more detail to better understand the legislative framework within which municipal library boards operate.

  • Session 3 – Governance Tools

    Library boards are governing corporations responsible for library service in their communities. Boards work together to develop governance tools that guide their library managers as they provide that service. In this session you will learn about the 3 governance tools and how they work together to provide a library service framework that meets your residents' needs:

    • plan of service
    • policies
    • budget
  • Session 4 – The Library Board Member

    This session will focus on the role individual board members play and the responsibilities each board member has in ensuring successful public library service delivery. Participants will learn about their individual ethical and fiduciary responsibilities and how they can contribute to making their board effective.

  • Session 5 – Funding and Finances

    This session will provide board members with an overview of how public libraries in Alberta are funded. The legislative requirements pertaining to budgets and financial reviews will be also discussed, and their importance as instruments of governance and accountability.

  • Session 6 – Working Together

    Library boards work with a number of partners, including various levels of government, community groups, and stakeholders. Board members must also navigate working with the library manager, staff and each other. This session will review the board’s key relationships, and how boards and staff can work together most effectively.

  • Session 7 – The Public Library Network

    PLSB has provided support to build a robust network of public libraries in Alberta for almost 40 years. But what exactly is the “Public Library Network” and how does it help meet Albertans’ diverse information, education and recreational needs? What exactly is the support that PLSB provides and why? Attend this session to learn about the principles and policies that form the foundation for the province-wide Public Library Network.

Workshop fees and materials

There is no fee for the workshop. Participants will receive a workbook and other support materials at each session.

Participants will need to ensure they have appropriate technology in place to attend the virtual sessions.


Connect with the Public Library Services Branch:

Phone: 780-427-4871
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Email: [email protected]

17th Floor, Commerce Place
10155 102 Street
Edmonton, Alberta  T5J 4L4

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