Leave of absence with pay directive

This directive covers leaves of absence with pay for Alberta Public Service employees.


This directive describes how leaves of absence with pay are approved. It also covers benefit coverage, receiving other money, and resigning during leaves of absence with pay.

"Leave of absence with pay" is any period of time for which an employee is authorized to be paid while the employee is away from work and not covered by a specific benefit or entitlement. When the leave of absence is for less than one day, it is often referred to as time off with pay.


The deputy head has the authority to approve a request for a leave of absence with pay, or to direct an employee to take a leave of absence with pay when it is in the best interest of the department.

The deputy head may grant wage employees time off with pay when the situation warrants treating all employees equally—for example, leaves to support a local parade or leaves during adverse weather conditions.

Benefit coverage

All benefits and entitlements continue to apply during a leave of absence with pay.

Receiving other monies

The deputy head is responsible for determining when to recover other money an employee received while being paid by the department. Other money includes duplicate travel expenses, bonuses, honorariums, witness fees, and additional salary. While departments will normally recover this money, the deputy head may waive this requirement under exceptional circumstances.

Resigning while on a leave of absence with pay

If an employee resigns while on a leave of absence with pay, the date of termination will be the date the department receives notification that the employee is resigning. Departments are not required to accept the resignation if it takes effect in the future.

Related information

For more information on leaves of absence, see directives Leave of Absence Without Pay and Types of Leave.

About this directive

Authority:Public Service Employment Regulation
Application:Organizations under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:April 1, 1999
Contact:Alberta Public Service Commission:
Labour and Employment Practices; Labour and Employment Policy