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Landlords and tenants

Landlords and tenants, and rent and rental properties.

Services and information

Housing options for families, seniors and individuals with special needs, and building construction standards for affordable housing.

Information for condominium owners, landlords and tenants about cannabis restrictions in condos, apartments and rental homes.

Find information about living in or operating a residential rental property.

A rental agreement sets out the terms to rent a residential property.

A landlord can evict a tenant on reasonable grounds, and the tenant has the right to dispute the eviction except for non-payment of rent.

Find the Residential Tenancies Act handbook, reference guide and other resources for tenants and landlords.

Landlords and tenants involved in a dispute can apply to this service to help resolve their dispute.

Landlords may ask tenants for a security deposit, sometimes called a damage deposit.

Landlords can install a sub-meter that allows tenants to pay for their own energy usage.