K to 12 curriculum and programs of study

Curriculum development and programs of study for Kindergarten to Grade 12 students.

Services and information

  • An overview of the Authorized Resources Database, through which Alberta Education provides subject-specific resources.
  • Black History Month recognizes the contributions that people of African and Caribbean descent have made to our province.
  • Learning about our country and its history is an important and valued part of curriculum in Alberta.
  • We will share important updates throughout each phase of our curriculum development work.
  • Dual credit allows students to personalize their high school experience and build on or discover their career passions and interests.
  • Alberta Education reviews, authorizes and develops quality learning and teaching resources.
  • Locally developed courses (LDCs) are developed, acquired and approved by school authorities to provide students with unique opportunities to explore a range of interests in subject areas that complement provincial programs of study.
  • Parents of K-12 students can find out what their child is learning, how they’re assessed and what resources are available to help them.
  • A time and opportunity for all Canadians to appreciate the histories, diversity and contributions of First Nations, Métis and Inuit through events and celebrations.
  • On February 15, Canadians celebrate the anniversary of the National Flag of Canada.
  • The new LearnAlberta.ca will give teachers the tools and resources they need to develop learning opportunities for their students.
  • Find out more about what students learn in Alberta's K to 12 education system and get resources to support their learning.
  • Veterans’ Week and Remembrance Day honour those who sacrificed their lives for the cause of freedom.