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Information for health professionals

Standards, guidelines and legislation, regulated professions and colleges and other resources for health professionals.

Services and information

Resources for health professionals on the Alberta Health Services website.

The Alberta Immunization Policy (AIP) outlines the policies for providing publicly funded immunizations in Alberta.

Bulletins for health professionals to stay current with information or billing updates to the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan.

Learn about Alberta's policy for improving health care practice and education for all health professionals to improve health outcomes.

Forms, guides, manuals and contact information for emergency health services (EHS) providers and operators.

Learn about health care aide education in Alberta, the curriculum offered and where you can study to become a health care aide.

Find Alberta government health Acts and regulations online.

Health standards and guidelines for bed and breakfast, barbering, dishwashing, food retail, housing regulation, pools, tattooing and more.

Learn how medical staff of an approved hospital can appeal a decision made by the board of the approved hospital.

Learn how to prevent and control infections in your home, at work, at school or even in a hospital. Find resources for health professionals.

Public health disease management guidelines are the recommended practices by health professionals for the follow-up of notifiable diseases.

Getting physicians working in the right areas of the province to provide the care Albertans need when and where they need it.

Learn about the Provincial Provider Registry, a trusted source of regulated health service provider information in Alberta.