If you can safely operate a vehicle, you can renew your licence at any age. Driver Fitness and Monitoring uses your medical report and other information such as medical documentation, your driving record and your road test results to determine your ability to drive safely.

Report a medical condition

In Alberta, you are required by law to report any physical and/or medical conditions or changes in health that may affect your ability to safely operate a motor vehicle.

Doctors and other medical professionals are not legally required to report suspected medically-at-risk drivers. They are protected from legal action if they choose to report a driver. This legal protection encourages doctors to report suspected at-risk drivers which helps protect all road users.

Medical examinations

A basic medical evaluation looks at the key areas that may affect the ability to safely operate a motor vehicle:

  • vision
  • hearing
  • cognitive abilities
  • overall health

If you have a medical and/or physical condition(s), your doctor or a nurse practitioner may look at whether that condition affects your ability to drive safely.

Your doctor or nurse practitioner may also recommend a road test or further cognitive or medical testing before completing your driver’s medical.

Most general practitioners and specialists as well as nurse practitioners can complete medical forms required to renew your driver’s licence. Your doctor or nurse practitioner will either complete the form or refer you to another doctor or nurse practitioner. Medical Examination for Motor Vehicle Operators form (PDF, 102 KB).

A medical examination required to obtain or renew a driver's licence is not insured under the Alberta Health Care Insurance Plan. As an uninsured service, physicians can charge patients for drivers’ medical exams. Physicians are private business persons and can determine their own rates or fees related to uninsured services.

PDF form issues

Fillable PDF forms do not open properly on some mobile devices and web browsers. To fill in and save the form:

  1. Save the PDF form to your computer – click or right-click the link and download the form.
  2. Open the PDF form with Adobe Reader. Fill it in and save it.

If you are still having problems opening the form, contact PDF form technical support.

Medical examination requirements

In Alberta, medical examinations are required for Class 3, 5, 6 and 7 driver’s licences, medical examinations at:

  • age 75
  • age 80
  • every 2 years after age 80

The same report is required for Class 1, 2 and 4 commercial driver's licences:

  • every 5 years until age 45
  • every 2 years after age 45 until age 65
  • annually after age 65

The age requirements are based on research that shows some medical conditions and cognitive challenges are more common at certain ages. You will be evaluated on your ability to drive safely on an individual basis, regardless of your age.

Functional and cognitive assessments

Your physician or nurse practitioner will review functional and cognitive assessment results with you and determine if the results are forwarded to Driver Fitness and Monitoring.

Road test requirements

There is no specific age when a road test is required. Depending on any medical and/or physical condition(s) you may have, you may be required to complete a road test to help determine your ability to drive safely, regardless of age.

If your doctor or nurse practitioner recommends that you complete a road test, Driver Fitness and Monitoring will review this recommendation and determine if a road test is required.

If your medical was completed for renewal of your driver’s licence, you can submit it to any Alberta registry agent.

If it is determined that a road test is required, you will receive a letter from Driver Fitness and Monitoring.

Conditional driver’s licences

You may be able to get a conditional licence that restricts driving to certain times of the day, locations and distance from your home. For example, you may be able to get a conditional licence restricted to daytime driving if your doctor or nurse practitioner says you are ok to drive during the day, but should not drive at night due to your vision.

Other conditions may apply such as the need for annual road or vision tests to renew your licence.

Condition code A on driver’s licence

A condition code A on your driver’s licence means you are required to wear corrective lenses while driving. If you have had a procedure to correct your vision, you can attend any Alberta registry agent to take a vision screening test to determine if you meet the requirements to have the condition code A removed. There is no charge for this test.

Request a file review

If you do not agree with a decision made on your file, you can can contact Driver Fitness and Monitoring who will review your file and consider your medical report and other information such as medical documentation, your driving record and your road test results to determine your ability to drive safely.

The Medical Review Committee, which consists of 3 Alberta doctors, may also review your file and provide advice to the Reviewing Officer.

The Reviewing Officer makes a decision to:

  • renew your licence,
  • renew your licence with conditions, or
  • suspend your licence.

Request a longer term between medicals

If there are no changes to your health and your medical condition is stable, you may qualify for a longer term between medical examinations required for your driver’s licence. Contact Driver Fitness and Monitoring to request an extension.

Driving courses

Several driver training schools in Alberta offer programs for older drivers. Contact a driving school for more information.


Connect with Driver Fitness and Monitoring:

Hours: 8:15 am to 12 pm, and 1 pm to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)
Phone: 780-427-8230
Toll free: 310-0000 before the phone number (in Alberta)
Fax: 780-422-6612
Email: [email protected]

Main Floor, Twin Atria Building
Room 109, 4999 98 Avenue NW
Edmonton, Alberta   T6B 2X3

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