Indigenous women’s economic security councils

Learn about the women’s councils and their work to help improve lives in Indigenous communities.

  • Indigenous women’s economic security councils


The First Nations and Métis Women’s Councils on Economic Security, first established in 2013, provide the Alberta government with recommendations on policies, programs and services that can improve the lives of Indigenous women, their families and communities.

Each council member comes from a diverse professional or volunteer background. Both councils have a designated seat for an Inuk woman to ensure Inuit community representation.

Government action

The Alberta government has taken action on the following recommendations:

  • launched an Indigenous services web portal to improve access to government programs and services
  • provided funding support for leadership and empowerment initiatives for young Indigenous women
  • funded a cultural initiative at Heritage Park Historical Village in Calgary that highlights the traditional roles of Indigenous women
  • provided funding to help create a provincial Indigenous tourism group

Council reports

In 2019-20, the Economic Security Councils met with the Minister of Indigenous Relations, government representatives and community organizations to discuss barriers and challenges Indigenous women and girls face. These discussions included providing perspectives and advice regarding:

  • Government of Alberta response to the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Disclosure to Protect Against Domestic Violence (Clare's Law) Act
  • trauma-informed care
  • Alberta Indigenous Opportunities Corporation

Both Councils have set their priorities for 2020 and are undertaking specific action items in support of their priority areas, such as safety, justice, health and economic development.

The Councils have made recommendations in the past in areas including, but not limited to, child welfare, justice system reform and violence against women.

The councils have provided the following reports:


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