Hiring a home inspector

Make sure a qualified home inspector performs your home inspection.

The Government of Alberta does not endorse specific contractors for promotional materials and does not recognize any affiliation with the use of the government logo for this purpose.


A home inspector can tell you the physical condition of your home. The inspector should walk through the home with you and point out any problems. The inspector must give you a contract before the inspection and a written report after.

What to look for

When hiring a home inspector, make sure to:

  • ensure the home inspector and home inspection business are licensed by the Government of Alberta
  • ensure the home inspection business is bonded and has errors and omissions insurance
  • ask the home inspector about his or her educational background, experience and qualifications
  • ask the home inspector about their familiarity with the current Alberta Building Code


Signing the contract

A home inspector must provide a written contract. The contract must include:

  • the name, licence number and contact information of the home inspection business
  • the name and licence number of the home inspector
  • the address of the home to be inspected
  • the date of the contract
  • the date of the inspection
  • when you will receive the completed home inspection report

Make sure everything you want to have inspected is listed in the contract.

Home inspection report

The home inspector must provide you with a written home inspection report. The report must provide information about all items included in the contract, and must be delivered on or before the date stated in the contract.