Guidance is available to help businesses, communities and organizations reopen and resume operations as part of Alberta's relaunch strategy.

To keep Albertans safe and prevent the spread of COVID-19, businesses should:

An optional relaunch considerations plan template is available to help businesses determine the steps they should take when reopening:

More tips and guidance will be added as we continue the staged relaunch.

General guidance

This guidance supports all workplaces.

Sector guidance

Businesses, community and cultural events, and organizations

Disability service providers (June 8)

Drive-in events (September 14)

Farmers’ markets (September 30)

Funeral homes (June 18)

Homeless shelters (AHS)

Indoor events (June 23)

Instrumental music (September 11)

Libraries (June 9)

Movie theatres (June 9)

Child care

Day camps (August 31)

Daycare and out-of-school care (August 31)

Family day homes (August 31)

Preschools (August 31)


K-12 school re-entry guidance:

Post-secondary institutions (June 22)

Graduation ceremonies (September 29)


Restaurant and food sector

Food catering (June 11)

Food processing facilities (June 18)

Food sampling and beverage tasting (August 21)

Grocery stores (October 8)

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars (September 17)

Retail, manufacturing, industrial and commerce

Office buildings (September 16)

Retail (June 18)

Warehouses (June 15)

Sport and recreation

Tourism and travel

Guidance documents in other languages

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Alberta's relaunch strategy

A staged plan to safely reopen businesses, resume activities, and get people back to work.

Alberta is currently in Stage 2 of relaunch.

See all relaunch stages

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Support is available to help businesses and non-profits reopen and resume operations safely.

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