Guidance updates in progress

All guidance documents are being updated to reflect new public health orders and restrictions. Review the latest restriction changes prior to reviewing these guidance documents.

New business restrictions in effect

Mandatory restrictions are in effect provincewide to reduce case numbers. Changes include some business closures, in-person service restrictions and capacity limits. Masks are mandatory in all indoor public spaces and workplaces.

If your business is open, you must follow all public health orders and general and sector-specific guidance.


Guidance is available to help businesses, communities and organizations operate safely. They should:

  • follow the general guidance and relevant sector-specific guidance documents
  • identify and implement measures to comply with public health measures and workplace guidance to reduce the risk among staff and customers

An optional template is available to help businesses determine the steps they should take when reopening:

General guidance

This guidance supports all workplaces.

Sector guidance

Businesses, community and cultural events, and organizations

Disability service providers (June 2020)

Drive-in events (September 2020)

Farmers’ markets (September 2020)

Funeral homes (November 2020)

Homeless shelters (AHS)

Indoor events (November 2020)

Instrumental music (September 2020)

Libraries (June 2020)

Movie theatres (June 2020)

Child care

Day camps (November 2020)

Daycare and out-of-school care (November 2020)

Family day homes (November 2020)

Preschools (November 2020)


K-12 school re-entry guidance:

Post-secondary institutions (June 2020)

Graduation ceremonies (September 2020)


Health and personal services

Hair salons and barbershops (now covered in Personal services) (June 2020)

Health non-essential services

Personal services (September 2020)

Wellness services (September 2020)

Restaurant and food sector

Food catering (June 2020)

Food processing facilities (June 2020)

Food sampling and beverage tasting (August 2020)

Grocery stores (October 2020)

Restaurants, cafes, pubs, and bars (February 2021)

Retail, manufacturing, industrial and commerce

Office buildings (September 2020)

Retail (June 2020)

Warehouses (June 2020)

Sport and recreation

Tourism and travel

Guidance documents in other languages

Facts on emerging evidence

We continue to review emerging evidence around COVID-19 and the best ways to protect Albertans.

These fact sheets summarize some of the recent literature on ways COVID-19 is transmitted, masks and aerosol transmission.

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Support is available to help businesses and non-profits reopen and resume operations safely.

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