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Intake status: Closed – Expressions of Interest are not currently being accepted.

Ministry responsible: Jobs, Economy and Innovation


GreenSTEM is an entrepreneurial pilot program for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Masters and Ph.D. graduates. The pilot program enables entrepreneurship and provides a two-year commercialization runway for “deep technology” companies involved in science-based innovation that:

  • is expensive
  • has a lengthy development process
  • is more challenging to commercialize than conventional goods or software

Please note: For the purposes of the GreenSTEM pilot program, “deep technology” is characterized by tangible, science-based innovation with hardware component(s).

The program supports a cohort of entrepreneurially-inclined, technically-skilled participants across the province who are working on technologies with emissions reduction potential. GreenSTEM participants, or fellows, are hosted by one of Alberta’s research universities:

  • University of Alberta
  • University of Calgary
  • University of Lethbridge

For more information on the program, including evaluation criteria, program parameters and timelines, please refer to the GreenSTEM program guide and the GreenSTEM FAQs.

Learn more about our successful GreenSTEM fellows.


The pilot program is supporting 25 eligible innovators that have founded 19 new technology companies through access to:

  • annual fellowship stipends ($60,000 including benefits for an individual or $90,000 for teams of 2)
  • up to $71,000 in annual seed funding to cover technology and business development expenses
  • technical facilities
  • technology-focused entrepreneurship programming
  • technical and business mentorship, including quarterly advisory sessions
  • networking opportunities with investors, venture capital organizations, service providers, and potential industry partners

Additional information on funding is outlined in the program guide.


There is no cost to apply.


GreenSTEM applicants can be individuals or teams of 2 founders, both of whom must meet the GreenSTEM eligibility requirements.

To participate in GreenSTEM, applicants must be:

  • a graduate of an advanced technical STEM degree program (Masters/Ph.D.) within the last 5 years
  • the primary technology innovator(s) of a science-based business/product concept with an emission reduction potential
  • a resident of Alberta with the legal right to work in Canada throughout the term of the program
  • able to demonstrate access or reasonable pathway toward the legal right to commercialize the underlying intellectual property
  • willing to commit to the GreenSTEM Fellowship as their full-time job
    • applicants will not be able to attend full or part-time educational training or maintain monetary-based affiliations with established companies during participation
  • prepared to relocate to Edmonton, Calgary or Lethbridge for the duration of the program and willing to travel within Alberta for quarterly events and meetings
  • prepared and able to incorporate their venture in Alberta or Canada once accepted into the cohort
  • committed to maintaining business operations in Alberta for 3 years following conclusion of the program

How to apply

The GreenSTEM application process is a competitive call for proposals. Applicants are required to complete and submit their Expressions of Interest through the online application portal accessible through this page.

Expressions of interest are not being accepted at this time.

View the recorded webinar for an overview of the GreenSTEM program and application process.

Step 1. Read the guide

Step 2. Create a user account and log in through the online application portal

A link to the online application portal is made available here during active intakes.

When logging into the online application portal for the first time, applicants will be prompted to create a My Alberta Digital ID (MADI) user account with a secure login name and password. Once the account has been created, applicants will gain access to the online application portal, which hosts live application forms and templates available for submission.

Individuals who have successfully submitted an application can access their application profile through their user account.

Step 3. Submit your application

Please be sure you have completed the entire Expression of Interest form before submitting. The application requires an overview of the technology, the proposed project and intended outcomes, emission reduction potential, intellectual property, and the project team. Incomplete applications will not be considered after the application portal has closed.

Step 4. Complete an interview

Selected applicants will progress to the interview stage.

Step 5. Submit a full project proposal

If the interview is successful, selected applicants will receive a full project proposal template to further outline:

  • business-oriented milestones
  • business and technical activities
  • budget and performance metrics, including greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions reduction potential

Calculations for GHG emissions reduction potential will be validated by the Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation.

Step 6. Participate in a final pitch and networking event

The event will serve as a final opportunity for applicants to make their case to be selected for GreenSTEM by providing a brief pitch. Applicants will also have the opportunity to meet and network with industry stakeholders and potential investors. More details on the format will be shared by program staff in advance of the pitch event.

After you apply

Selection of successful applicants will begin once the intake has closed. Selection decisions will be made based on a multi-stage evaluation process considering a range of evaluation criteria related to the applicant’s capabilities, the technology concept and the proposed project.

The GreenSTEM evaluation committee will be comprised of up to 7 experts throughout different stages of the evaluation process, representing the University of Alberta, University of Calgary, University of Lethbridge, Alberta Innovates, industry and the business community.

The Ministry of Jobs, Economy and Innovation will provide secretariat support. Technical advisors may be consulted, when required. All representatives will be subject to the terms of a non-disclosure agreement.

Successful applicants

Cohort 1

12 fellows were chosen to take part in the first round of the fellowship pilot program for the January 2019 cohort. Below are the successful applicants and recent accomplishments under the program.

Carbonova, Mina Zarabian:

  • Has been selected for the L-H accelerator to address global CO2 emissions in building materials and will work with 3 international companies: LafargeHolcim, China Communications Construction Company Limited, and Sika

Copperstone Technologies, Nicolas Olmedo and James Yuen:

  • Have successfully rolled out robots-as-a-service and recently announced a significant investment from TECTERRA Inc.

EnviCore, Shahrukh Shamim and Aseem Pandey:

  • Graduated from Creative Destruction Labs - Rockies and are in the process of executing a joint technology development agreement with an international mining company

SeeO2 Energy, Beatriz Molero Sanchez and Paul Addo:

  • Participated in Equinor’s Techstars Energy Accelerator 2019 in Oslo, Norway and are working with several international industry partners on demonstrating their technology

Synthergy, Gem Shoute:

  • Graduated from Creative Destruction Lab (CDL) – Prime: Toronto in 2020 and is working with an overseas industry partner

TransEON, Vallen Rezazadeh:

  • Recently received funding to extend their technology into space applications through the Canadian Space Agency's Space Technology Development Program

Wyvern, Kurtis Broda and Chris Robson:

  • Won a Space Technology Development Program Grant from the Canadian Space Agency valued at more than $200,000

ZoraMat Solutions, Roger Mah:

  • Scaled manufacturing batch capacity by 1,000 times  with an 80% increase in production efficiency and is pursuing promising international partnerships

Meet the January 2019 GreenSTEM Fellows (PDF, 217 KB) and learn more about their projects.

Cohort 2

11 fellows were chosen to take part in the second round of the fellowship pilot program.

The successful applicants for the July 2020 cohort include:

Meet the July 2020 GreenSTEM Fellows (PDF, 233 KB)


Throughout the term of the program, GreenSTEM Fellows will be required to report on outcomes and planning each quarter, as well as provide feedback on the pilot. Receipt of GreenSTEM funding is not guaranteed by acceptance into the program, but is based on evaluation of general attitude, willingness to participate, and technical/business performance of participating fellows by program administrators over the course of the program.

More information on reporting requirements can be found in the program guide.


Connect with the GreenSTEM program:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Martin Truksa, Director, Technology Relations
Email: [email protected]

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