Capital and financing supports for entrepreneurs

Find options for funding and financing your business.

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Whether you are a new start-up, early-stage entrepreneur or an established small or medium-sized business, the following resources can help give your business a competitive advantage through access to:

  • funding
  • investment attraction
  • financing options

We also partner with Alberta research and innovation stakeholders and other provincial and federal agencies to deliver supports that improve Alberta technology companies’ investment readiness.


Alberta entrepreneurs can access a number of resources to identify available funding.

Small business resources

An overview of small business resources is available to Alberta entrepreneurs, including options for accessing grants and other types of capital.

Federal resources

The Government of Canada provides an overview of grants, loans, private and public sector financing available to entrepreneurs, including a tool to generate a personalized list of government financing programs for your business.

Innovation Canada Digital Platform

The Innovation Canada Digital Platform helps companies identify programs, supports and capital sources to support them across all ranges of company growth.

Securing investment

Use the following supports to identify sources of equity capital investment.

  • Alberta Enterprise Corporation

    The Alberta Enterprise Corporation (AEC) helps attract venture capital funds to Alberta to:

    • provide capital, support and expertise to technology-based businesses looking to launch or expand
    • help technology-based businesses get their ideas and products to market

    Learn more about AEC-invested venture capital funds in the province.

  • Venture Capital Association of Alberta

    The Venture Capital Association of Alberta (VCAA) supports the exchange of information and promotes excellence among key participants in Alberta’s venture capital industry. The VCAA is Alberta’s primary industry association for:

    • venture capital
    • private equity
    • angel investors
    • others interested in growing Alberta’s venture capital industry
  • A100

    A100 is Alberta’s community of seasoned technology founders and executives. A100 members expand networks, connect people, and share experiences to help the next generation of tech entrepreneurs thrive in Alberta.

Financing options

The following resources and organizations offer debt financing to support company growth.

  • ATB Financial

    ATB Financial offers financing solutions and access to experts and resources to help Alberta businesses start and grow.

  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation

    The Agriculture Financial Services Corporation (AFSC) is a provincial Crown corporation that provides producers, agricultural businesses and other small businesses:

    • farm and commercial loans
    • hail, crop and livestock price insurance
    • farm income disaster assistance
  • Export Development Canada

    Export Development Canada (EDC) offers financing and bonding solutions to support companies who wish to pursue international expansion and compete in global markets.

  • Business Development Bank of Canada

    Business Development Bank of Canada (BDC) offers:

    • financing solutions to finance projects and protect cash flow
    • advisory services to run a better and more profitable business
    • venture capital and financing solutions for growth and business transition
  • Alberta Women Entrepreneurs

    Alberta Women Entrepreneurs (AWE) is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping women build successful businesses.
    AWE provides unique programs and services to women at all stages of business through:

    • advising
    • financing
    • mentoring
    • skills and network development
  • Financing for Indigenous entrepreneurs

    The federal government offers resources and information for Indigenous business development. Learn how to start, manage and grow a business.

  • Canada Small Business Financing Program

    The Canada Small Business Financing Program is a loan-sharing program between the federal government and financial institutions. The program helps small and medium-sized businesses access affordable asset-based financing up to $1 million.

Partnering opportunities

We collaborate with investors, financial providers, and venture capital providers to enhance access to capital for entrepreneurs. Some of these partners include:

  • ATB Financial
  • Alberta Enterprise Corporation
  • Business Development Bank of Canada
  • Export Development Canada
  • Agriculture Financial Services Corporation
  • Alberta Innovates
  • Emissions Reduction Alberta
  • Energy Efficiency Alberta
  • Alberta Women Entrepreneurs