A volunteer is someone – including directors, officers and trustees – who is not provided compensation for their role in a non-profit, apart from being reasonably reimbursed for their expenses.


Alberta counts on volunteers like you to help build and strengthen our communities. You are truly what helps us be great.

To help you be at your best, use the checklist below to ensure you understand your:

  • scope of duties – a detailed, clear description of your role and responsibilities
  • volunteer liability protections – under the Freedom to Care Act, volunteers are now protected from liability claims if certain conditions are met

Fact sheet: Volunteer Liability Protection

1. Responsibilities – Learning

When you are volunteering for a non-profit, you need – at a bare minimum – to have:

  • a scope of duties to explain your specific tasks, including:
    • a description of the work/duties you will perform
    • any authorizations, licenses, training or requirements for that work to be completed
    • where, when, how and with whom this work will happen
    • what will be out of scope for your role/duties

Note: Your scope of duties can be outlined in a job description or other document, supported by an orientation, and may include supervisory support or a signed agreement between you and the non-profit.

  • received all the appropriate orientation and training you will need to perform your duties
  • an awareness of any insurance coverage that may apply to you in your assigned role
  • an awareness of any potential liability risks and how to mitigate them

2. Responsibilities – Questions

If you have any questions about your responsibilities, contact your supervisor.

3. Liability protections – Learning

With the ‘volunteer liability protections’ in the Freedom to Care Act, you are now protected from liability claims as long as you are:

  • acting in good faith within your scope of duties
  • not causing harm or damage as a result of:
    • wilful, reckless or criminal misconduct
    • gross negligence
    • operating a motor vehicle
    • being unlawfully impaired by alcohol or drugs when the harm or damage occurred

4. Liability protections – Questions

If you have any questions about your protection against liability claims, contact your supervisor.

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