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Current habitat mitigation projects taking place under the Southern Alberta FISHES program.


Habitat restoration project near Glenmore Reservoir – August 7, 2019

In collaboration with the City of Calgary, the Government of Alberta FISHES program is leading a pilot project in the section of the Elbow River downstream of the Glenmore Reservoir, below the Glenmore Dam and near Sandy Beach Park.

The focus of the pilot project is to restore fish habitat lost during the 2013 flood through the placement of suitably-sized spawning gravels for rainbow and brown trout into the Elbow River. This work will enhance the long term sustainability, ongoing productivity and recreational opportunities provided by the world-class fishery of the Bow River.

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Program Update – Feb 21, 2018

As of August 2016, the FISHES program had completed the overview, preliminary and detailed habitat assessments for the Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects, identified using the Project Selection and Priority Ranking Tool.

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Final Project Design and Construction Phases

In 2016, individual Requests for Proposal, on a project-by-project basis, were issued by the Alberta government through the Alberta Purchasing Connection for the design and construction of the Tier 1 and Tier 2 FISHES projects. All design contracts were awarded and in place by winter of 2017.

All Tier 1 projects have been finalized and will be tendered for construction in the winter of 2018. Tier 2 projects were issued for tender in 2018.

Construction of FISHES projects began in the spring of 2018 and continued through the fall of 2018. Completed projects will be monitored and evaluated to ensure project goals are achieved.

Project summary reports

Individual Project Summary Reports provide more detailed information regarding project goals and objectives, and the current status of each project. These reports will be updated as projects proceed to construction.

Partnership projects

Bioengineering Demonstration and Education Project

Tier 1 Habitat Mitigation Projects

Priority 1 - Silvester Creek

Priority 2 - Allison Creek/Atlas Road

Priority 3 - Elbow River Spawning Gravel Replenishment Project

  • Elbow River Spawning Gravel Replenishment Project

Priority 4 - Lynx Creek

Priority 5 - Waiparous Creek

Priority 6 - Hidden Creek

Priority 7 - Girardi Creek

Tier 2 Habitat Mitigation Projects

Priority 1 - Threepoint Creek

Priority 2 - Carbondale River

Priority 3 - Lyons Creek


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