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Fire weather index

The following fire weather index codes are based on daily observations recorded at noon. They include temperature, relative humidity, precipitation and wind direction and speed. Low numbers mean wet and high numbers mean dry.

  • Buildup Index

    The Build Up Index is a numeric rating of the total amount of fuel available for combustion. It is based on the DMC and the DC. The BUI is generally less than twice the DMC value, and moisture in the DMC layer is expected to help prevent burning in material deeper down in the available fuel.

  • Initial Spread Index

    The Initial Spread Index is a numeric rating of the expected rate of fire spread. It is based on wind speed and FFMC. Like the rest of the FWI system components, ISI does not take fuel type into account.

  • Drought Code

    Drought Code indicates the dryness of large vegetation, such as trees, and deep, compact organic layers.

  • Duff Moisture Code

    Duff Moisture Code indicates the dryness of medium-sized vegetation and loosely compacted organic layers of moderate depth.

  • Fine Fuel Moisture Code

    Fine Fuel Moisture Code indicates the dryness of small forest vegetation, such as surface litter, leaves, needles and small twigs.

  • AM/PM weather forecasts

    The AM and PM weather forecasts are written descriptions of forecasted weather conditions that may impact wildfire management.


For questions about weather data, forecasts and observations:
Email: [email protected]

Forest area office contacts

Information line: 1-866-394-3473 (FYI-FIRE)
Media inquiries: 780-420-1968
Email: [email protected]

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