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Farm Implement Board

Manages the Farm Implement Compensation Fund and provides Ministerial recommendations related to the Farm Implement and Dealership Act.


The Farm Implement Board (FIB) reports to the Minister of Agriculture and Irrigation and advises the minister about matters arising from the implementation of the Farm Implement and Dealership Act.


The FIB is established under the Farm Implement and Dealership Act.

The legislated powers and duties of the FIB include:

  • holding appeals dealing with license refusals, cancellations or suspensions
  • holding hearings dealing with Applications for Compensation for loss arising from a breach of a sale or lease agreement or a breach of a provision of the act
  • investing money into and paying money out of the Farm Implement Compensation Fund
  • setting levies and assessments for the Farm Implement Compensation Fund
  • carrying out any duties set by the regulations
  • notifying the Minister of any unpaid levies, assessments and penalties


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The Farm Implement Board consists of 7 members:

  • one member appointed by the Minister
  • one member appointed by the Western Equipment Dealers Association (WEDA) or its successor organization
  • one member appointed by the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) or its successor organization
  • one member appointed by the Agricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC) or its successor organization
  • three members appointed by the Board from nominations submitted by enumerated farm commodity groups

Current membership

Dan LievaartChair, Producer Member
Chris AllamVice Chair, Producer Member
Brian ChomlakProducer Member
Marty ChamberlandAssociation of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM) – Canada
Andrew RoyeaAgricultural Manufacturers of Canada (AMC)
Cameron KayWestern Equipment Dealers Association
Chris ChristensenMinisterial Appointment

Application for compensation

If a purchaser believes they have experienced a loss due to a breach of the act, for example, a violation of a sales agreement or warranty, they may apply for potential compensation within one year of the loss.

Farmers are encouraged to make every effort to settle their dispute with the dealer prior to approaching the Farmers’ Advocate Office.

The Farm Implement Inspector reviews all farm implement disputes prior to any potential review by the FIB.

Procedures for hearings

The FIB hears Applications for Compensation that cannot be resolved with the assistance of the Farm Implement Inspector.

  • Any person who has purchased a new farm implement, as defined in the Farm Implement and Dealership Act and regulation may make an Application for Compensation subject to Section 37.
  • If the Application for Compensation falls under the jurisdiction of the FIB, the FIB may hold a hearing on the matter.
  • If a hearing is to be held, the Applicant and Respondents are contacted by the Farm Implement and Dealership Act Administration (FIDAA).
  • Generally, hearings are held in-person, but other means may be used, if approved by the FIB. Written and/or oral submissions are used in the hearings and there are opportunities for questions from the FIB and cross-examination by the opposing party.
  • A written decision will be provided to all the parties within 30 business days of the conclusion of the hearing.
  • The FIDAA personnel can provide further details on what a hearing entails.
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Notice of Failure to Perform

Purchasers can take these steps to have farm equipment repaired, replaced or refunded if it does not perform as intended.

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