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Family law assistance

Family court and mediation, family law kits, and how to respond to a Divorce Act or Family Law Act application.

Services and information

Meet with a mediator to resolve family disputes involving a child or youth.

Contact family court counsellors to get help with preparing for court, accessing the court system and resolving your parenting dispute.

Bill 28 updates property division laws to include unmarried partners and improve child support for adult children with disabilities.

A list of forms for lawyers and self-represented individuals who are dealing with family law.

Laws about separation, parentage, guardianship, parenting arrangements, child support, and adult interdependent partner and spousal support.

Family Mediation is a voluntary service to help parents and families in resolving issues that affect their children.

How to respond to a Divorce Act Application that you’ve been served with.

How to respond to a Family Law Act Application that you’ve been served with.