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  • Premier Jason Kenney

    Premier Jason Kenney

    Jason Kenney was sworn in as Premier of Alberta and Minister of Intergovernmental Relations on April 30, 2019.

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Supports effective strategic planning and coordinated policy development across government, and the promotion of a vibrant and innovative public service. The ministry ensures outcomes are achieved by supporting strategic planning, coordinated policy development and informed decision-making for the Government of Alberta.

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Budget 2022 is moving Alberta forward by building health system capacity, getting more Albertans working, and balancing the budget.

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Internal Trade

Since 2019, Alberta has removed more than 80% of its Canada Free Trade Agreement exceptions and now has the lowest number in Canada. Premier Kenney calls on other Canadian jurisdictions to follow suit to create a more open and competitive marketplace.

Ottawa Mission – December 2019

Premier Kenney met with Prime Minister Trudeau and other federal representatives in Ottawa to advocate for a fair deal for Alberta. The Alberta delegation raised priority issues such as Bills C-69 and C-48, and the completion of the TMX pipeline.

Western Premiers’ Conference

Alberta hosted the 2019 Western Premiers’ Conference and focused on building a strong economy that works for western and northern Canadians. Western Premiers discussed vital interests such as market access, internal trade, and climate change.

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