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Administrative penalties - What they are and how they work

Administrative penalties are one of the enforcement tools available to Alberta’s government when environmental legislation is not followed. They are educational in nature with a monetary penalty to reinforce the appropriate change in behaviour.

Administrative penalties are most appropriate for contraventions that are more serious than those for warning letters, but less serious than those that are prosecuted. Each piece of legislation has a maximum penalty that can be adjusted by applying the factors listed in the legislation. An administrative penalty may include a one-time amount to address economic benefit. 

Contraventions subject to administrative penalty

The Administrative Penalty Regulation sets out numerous contraventions for which an administrative penalty may be given. This broad range of contraventions may include:

  • conducting an activity without an approval
  • unauthorized release of a substance that may cause an adverse effect
  • exceeding approval/licence limits (example: diversion limits, treated water limits)
  • unauthorized disposal of waste
  • failing to report a contravention of an approval condition or limit
  • late and/or non-reporting (for example: water use reports, groundwater report, monthly/annual reports).

Appealing an administrative penalty

The party receiving the administrative penalty may initiate an appeal to the Environmental Appeals Board. The Board will conduct a hearing and will make the final decision regarding the administrative penalty.

Any questions about appeals should be directed to the Environmental Appeals Board at:

Phone: 780-427-6207

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If you have questions about administrative penalties or other environmental enforcement actions in Alberta, connect with the Environmental Investigations Section at:

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Administrative penalty appeals

For questions about appealing an administrative penalty, contact the Environmental Appeals Board at:

Phone: 780-427-6207