• Air quality

    Discover more about Alberta’s air quality, air quality measurements and how it is affected by natural and human sources

  • Climate change

    Greenhouse gas emissions management and reduction, climate change legislation, and climate change action planning.

  • Environmental approvals and assessment

    Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) and other approvals processes.

  • Environmental education

    Publications, workshops and other learning resources.

  • Environmental monitoring and compliance

    Monitoring our air, water, land and biodiversity and compliance of environmental legislation.

  • Fish and wildlife

    Information, regulations and legislation on fish and wildlife species and management in Alberta.

  • Forests and wildfire

    Managing Alberta’s trees and forests includes responsible use and development, along with protecting homes and communities from wildfires.

  • Land

    Programs that deal with land management, development and consultations in Alberta.

  • Waste management

    Waste reduction and management in Alberta.

  • Water

    Strict rules are in place to protect the quality of water in Alberta, one of the province’s most important resources.