The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board-related issues. Each bulletin covers special areas that are relevant to non-profit board members and senior staff looking for information about improving skills and gaining knowledge in governance.

Information bulletins


  • Information on promoting a cause and managing public perception and understanding.

Budgeting for Non-profit Boards

  • Help for setting priorities, controlling finances and managing sources and timing of revenues.

Building Better Boards

  • Recruiting appropriate volunteers to serve on your board and keeping board members motivated and satisfied.

Building Board Diversity

  • Steps and techniques that can help boards represent the communities they serve and should reflect the diversity found in the community.


  • Material on committee reporting, terms of reference and levels of authority.

Developing Policy

  • Information on the key areas of policy development and how to develop effective policy.

Effective Organizations Call for Effective Chairs

  • Explores the role of the Board Chair and how to encourage people to participate in board meetings.

Evaluating Your Executive Director's Performance

  • Guidelines on how to regularly evaluate the performance of the Executive Director.

Financial Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • Information about the responsibilities of managing an organization's finances.

Hiring the Right Executive Director for your Organization: One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Information on how to hire an Executive Director that is a good match for all.

Maximize Your Time and Efforts–Collaborate!

  • Ways your organization can pool time and talent to maximize effectiveness in meeting community needs

Meetings that Work

  • How to have effective and efficient meetings.

Roles and Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • Information about what the board does and the responsibilities of being a board member.

So You Want to be a Board Member

  • Material to help you make an informed decision about joining a board.

Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Information on how to get started on the strategic planning process.

Sustaining Healthy Boards

  • What makes a healthy board, how it can stay strong and dynamic and how to deal with difficult challenges.

Board's Role in Fund Development

  • How to successfully fundraise as a team.

Understanding Financial Statements

  • Simple explanations to make the task of reading and understanding financial statements easier

Where, oh Where Did our Membership Go?

  • Seven steps to help you recruit and retain members.

Writing a Grant Proposal

  • A step-by-step outline to preparing a grant application.


You can reprint any of the articles in the information bulletins as long as you:

  • credit and/or cite the source of the articles
  • email us a copy of the publication that the articles are reprinted in

The Board Development Program reserves the right to deny reprinting privileges.


To access services from the Board Development Program, please email [email protected].

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