Board Development Program – Information bulletins

Find publications that can help non-profit board members improve skills and gain knowledge in board governance.


The Board Development Program publishes information bulletins on a variety of board-related issues. Each bulletin covers special areas that are relevant to non-profit board members and senior staff looking for information about improving skills and gaining knowledge in governance.

Information bulletins


  • Information on promoting a cause and managing public perception and understanding.

Budgeting for Non-profit Boards

  • Help for setting priorities, controlling finances and managing sources and timing of revenues.

Building Better Boards

  • Recruiting appropriate volunteers to serve on your board and keeping board members motivated and satisfied.

Building Board Diversity

  • Steps and techniques that can help boards represent the communities they serve and should reflect the diversity found in the community.


  • Material on committee reporting, terms of reference and levels of authority.

Developing Policy

  • Information on the key areas of policy development and how to develop effective policy.

Effective Organizations Call for Effective Chairs

  • Explores the role of the Board Chair and how to encourage people to participate in board meetings.

Evaluating Your Executive Director's Performance

  • Guidelines on how to regularly evaluate the performance of the Executive Director.

Financial Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • Information about the responsibilities of managing an organization's finances.

Hiring the Right Executive Director for your Organization: One Size Does Not Fit All

  • Information on how to hire an Executive Director that is a good match for all.

Maximize Your Time and Efforts–Collaborate!

  • Ways your organization can pool time and talent to maximize effectiveness in meeting community needs

Meetings that Work

  • How to have effective and efficient meetings.

Roles and Responsibilities of Non-profit Boards

  • Information about what the board does and the responsibilities of being a board member.

So You Want to be a Board Member

  • Material to help you make an informed decision about joining a board.

Strategic Planning and Governance

  • Information on how to get started on the strategic planning process.

Sustaining Healthy Boards

  • What makes a healthy board, how it can stay strong and dynamic and how to deal with difficult challenges.

Board's Role in Fund Development

  • How to successfully fundraise as a team.

Understanding Financial Statements

  • Simple explanations to make the task of reading and understanding financial statements easier

Where, oh Where Did our Membership Go?

  • Seven steps to help you recruit and retain members.

Writing a Grant Proposal

  • A step-by-step outline to preparing a grant application.


You can reprint any of the articles in the information bulletins as long as you:

  • credit and/or cite the source of the articles
  • email us a copy of the publication that the articles are reprinted in

The Board Development Program reserves the right to deny reprinting privileges.


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