Emergency and disaster planning

How to make an emergency plan and kit, and what government is doing to plan for hazards.


This agency leads and oversees all emergency and disaster prevention, preparedness and responses.

Learn about plans that ensure essential government services can continue after an emergency or disruption.

Alert level descriptions, how alerts are issued and distributed, and Alert Ready resources.

Acts and regulations that outline Alberta’s emergency management framework.

Learn how you and your family can prepare yourselves for an emergency or disaster.

How government is reducing the risk of flooding and reducing potential damage that could result from a flood.

Sign up for advisories and alerts so you are informed when emergencies, disasters or unexpected situations occur in your area.

Response plans for specific emergencies and hazards that could affect the province.

Learn about training and exercises offered by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA).

Learn about instruction and quality assurance for incident management training in Alberta.

Contact information for AEMA regional offices in Alberta.