Business continuity

Learn about plans that ensure essential government services can continue after an emergency or disruption.

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Business continuity


Business continuity connects existing departmental Business Continuity Plans and identified Agencies, Boards and Commissions’ plans currently held by the Alberta Emergency Management Agency (AEMA). It provides the response plan during a multi-department business disruption.

The primary resource for business continuity planning is the Government of Alberta Business Continuity Guide.

Cross-Government Coordination Team (CGCT)

CGCT provides the necessary resources outlined in business continuity plans for efficient recovery of all affected government services.

CGCT is comprised of key individuals from Restructuring and Government Efficiency.

The Government of Alberta Business Continuity Plan put together a team of strategic planning partners. Their role is to assist in areas such as policy development and in the ongoing coordination of business continuity initiatives, such as alternate site upgrades and risk management activities.


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