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Education and training grants and bursaries

Grants, bursaries and tuition vouchers for students and teachers.

Services and information

Funding and supports are available for youth who have been in care, as they pursue post-secondary studies and prepare for adulthood.

Students that apply for student aid are automatically assessed for a number of grants.

Financial assistance is available to help coal workers access post-secondary education to train for a new career.

Eligible teachers can get funding for French language education training and professional development.

Eligible applicants can get money to complete a post-secondary Indigenous language, culture or teaching development course.

Eligible teachers can get money to complete a language, culture or teaching development summer course outside Canada.

Supports students who work to reduce gender discrimination in their communities or increase gender representation in their field of study.

This program provides funding to encourage eligible current and future Alberta K to 12 teachers to take a qualifying math pedagogy course.