Education manual for commercial carriers

The educational manual helps commercial vehicle drivers understand National Safety Code compliance requirements.


Carrier & Vehicle Safety has prepared the Commercial Vehicle Safety Compliance in Alberta education manual to assist commercial truck and bus companies and their employees to operate safely and in a manner which is compliant with legislation relevant to the National Safety Code (NSC).

Education manual

The manual serves only as a guide and cannot replace regulatory legislation. However, every effort has been made to ensure the information in these documents is accurate at the time of preparation. The material in these documents is not intended to represent a full training course in any subject area covered, nor is it intended to be reproduced or sold for commercial purposes or financial gain.

The manual covers a number of subjects that may assist commercial carriers and drivers when:

  • a carrier first applies for a Safety Fitness Certificate
  • a driver or safety officer wants to know more about specific regulatory requirements, such as hours of service or cargo securement
  • a carrier or driver wants to proactively upgrade their knowledge and understanding of best practices and regulatory requirements
  • a carrier has been identified by Carrier & Vehicle Safety's on-road data monitoring program and wants to get ideas on how to improve their on-road and/or administrative programs
  • a carrier has been directed by the Registrar to improve their programs – either in general or by satisfying specific conditions – and needs to better understand how they might do this

2022 Commercial Vehicle Safety and Compliance in Alberta manual

Read the 2022 Commercial Vehicle Safety and Compliance in Alberta manual. It includes:

  • Introduction
  • Module 1 – Getting Started
  • Module 2 – The National Safety Code
  • Module 3 – Licensing, Registration and Insurance
  • Module 4 – Weights and Dimensions
  • Module 5 – Safety Programs, Driver Files and Record Keeping
  • Module 6 – Maintenance Programs, Vehicle Files and Record Keeping
  • Module 7 – Federal Hours of Service Regulations
  • Module 8 – Provincial Hours of Service Regulations
  • Module 9 – Cargo Securement
  • Module 10 – Transportation of Dangerous Goods
  • Module 11 – Carrier Profiles and Safety Fitness Ratings
  • Module 12 – Carrier Monitoring and Intervention
  • Module 13 – 511 Alberta
  • Appendices

Hardcopies of the education manual may be purchased from the Alberta Motor Transport Association at:

1 285005 Wrangler Way
Rocky View, Alberta  T1X 0K3
Phone: 1-800-267-1003