Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan

The Alberta government is committed to the recovery of the woodland caribou population, which is in decline due to loss of habitat.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Caribou Range Planning in Alberta

Why are Alberta's woodland caribou populations in decline?

Woodland caribou populations in Alberta are declining due to loss of habitat and predation. Habitat loss has resulted in the loss of some caribou populations and reduced distribution of remaining populations.

Increased development and disturbance of habitat has resulted in increased population levels of deer and moose, which has led to increased wolf populations and unnaturally high levels of predation.

Why are we taking action on caribou recovery?

Woodland caribou are listed as Threatened under both the federal Species at Risk Act and the provincial Wildlife Act. Without effective and immediate action, woodland caribou will continue to decline in population size and distribution in Alberta and we risk losing this important and culturally significant species for future generations.

Under the federal Recovery Strategies, if Alberta doesn't take sufficient actions to protect critical habitat, the federal government has the authority to intervene. This could potentially halt industrial activity in caribou ranges, stranding resources, reducing future investment, economic benefits and jobs.

What is the Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan?

Alberta's Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan is a made-in-Alberta plan that demonstrates the government's commitment to the recovery of caribou populations while protecting jobs and local economies. The plan is intended to look at caribou range planning provincewide, with a mind to the environmental and economic realities of individual ranges.

What are some of the highlights of the draft plan?

Alberta's approach is a focused strategy towards achieving self-sustaining caribou populations. The plan proposes a variety of tools, including:

  1. Restoration of Legacy Footprint
  2. Conservation Areas
  3. Caribou Rearing Facilities
  4. Integrated Land Management
  5. Social and Economic Assessments
  6. Engaging and Involving Indigenous Peoples
  7. Engaging Albertans

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What is Phase 2 engagement about?

Phase 2 engagement is about providing Albertans with diverse and meaningful opportunities to review Alberta's Draft Provincial Woodland Caribou Range Plan and to provide feedback to the government for consideration in the continued development of the final province-wide plans and range-specific details.

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Is there other engagement taking place?

The government will be holding meetings specifically with First Nations and Métis communities whose traditional lands overlap caribou ranges. There will also be a series of Indigenous and multi-stakeholder working group meetings to allow for detailed discussions to take place between the groups and organizations that are most heavily engaged and involved in the caribou range planning process.

Is this the only opportunity Albertans will have to discuss caribou range planning?

No. The Government of Alberta is committed to the transparent development of our province's caribou range plans. Following Phase 2 engagement, the draft provincial range plan will be updated with range-specific details to address the conditions and solutions for each local caribou population. The government will conduct further engagement on these details before they are incorporated into a final provincial woodland caribou range plan.