Wildlife management by species

Monitoring and management strategies for black and grizzly bears, caribou, wood bison and other wildlife.


Provincial programs monitor the health and distribution of Alberta's amphibian population.

The Alberta government partners with the Alberta Community Bat Program to protect, monitor, manage and raise awareness about bats.

The Alberta government has a comprehensive management plan for bighorn sheep, the official provincial mammal.

Black bears are extending their range in Alberta and can now be found in almost 75% of the province.

The Alberta government is developing a plan to stabilize the province's woodland caribou population, which is listed as threatened.

Alberta's Grizzly Bear Recovery Plan guides management of grizzly bears, which are designated a threatened species.

The province's grizzly bear management program is supported by innovative research at several Alberta institutions.

Listing wild wood bison as Threatened supports the conservation, management and recovery of wood bison populations in the province.