Disability Employment Awareness Month

Celebrating diversity and inclusion in the workplace.


Disability Employment Awareness Month (DEAM) promotes employment inclusion and increased participation of workers with disabilities in Alberta’s economy. DEAM celebrates the contributions of workers with disabilities and supports employers in practicing inclusive hiring.

Every October, community stakeholders and the Government of Alberta partner to deliver activities and events around the province that:

  • increase the employment opportunities for people with a disability within Alberta’s business community
  • increase employer engagement, build business strength and capacity, and raise awareness around the recruitment and retention of people with a disability
  • increase inclusion through collaboration by connecting service providers, Indigenous organizations, government and businesses
  • highlight employers who demonstrate a strong commitment to inclusion and diversity, and encourage other employers to embrace their recruitment strategies
  • help create a more consistent message from service providers when engaging employers to hire people with a disability

DEAM 2023

The theme for DEAM 2023 is “Including All”.

The Alberta government will be supporting events and activities hosted by the Alberta Employment First Network (AEFN), including provincial declaration kickoffs and the 2023 DEAM IDEA Conference on October 26, 2023.

For more information about DEAM 2023, visit:

Get involved

There are many ways to celebrate DEAM and get in on the action:

  • Promote and advocate for the participation of people with a disability in our provincial economy.
  • Celebrate workers living with disabilities, their skills, successes and achievements.
  • Recognize that, as Albertans, we all have unique skills and interests that make us valued members in our workplaces.
  • Support employers in promoting inclusive hiring practices and demonstrating their ongoing commitment to Albertans with disabilities.
  • Attend or host an event to increase awareness and educate others about DEAM.

Social media

Share on social media

You can promote this important issue on social media. Your participation helps make our workplaces welcoming for all. Share your event photos and updates using the hashtag #DEAM.

Social media graphics

DEAM social media graphics are available for you to download and post on your social media sites.

Check out past DEAM highlights


If you are part of the disability community in Alberta and need advocacy support to navigate and access government or community resources, contact the Advocate for Persons with Disabilities.

Job seekers

  • Training and Employment Services Directory offers programs and services to help individuals find and keep jobs, get training and adapt to a changing labour market.
  • Supports for people with disabilities includes Persons with Developmental Disabilities (PDD), Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) and employment services.
  • Disability Related Employment Supports (DRES) is funding for disability-related services, supports or technologies to help individuals with permanent disabilities succeed in their employment as well as in post-secondary school-based training and education. Albertans wanting to apply for DRES can contact Alberta Supports at 1-877-644-9992 to enquire about applying in their area.
  • Alis – Careers, Learning and Employment has several resources to help people with disabilities with career planning, post-secondary education and training, educational funding, work search, labour market trends, and workplace issues.

Service providers and employers