The Dangerous Goods, Vehicle and Rail Safety Branch conducts facility inspections on consignor and carrier companies that handle, offer for transport or transport dangerous goods.

What are dangerous goods?

It is defined as a product, substance or organism included by its nature or by the regulations in any of the classes of dangerous goods listed in the schedule.

Something that is proven, through testing, that must be included in to one of the nine classes of dangerous goods.

Facility Inspections

Facility inspections are focused on ensuring regulatory compliance to the transportation of dangerous goods legislation. The Dangerous Goods Inspectors strive to work with industry by influencing a safe and effective approach to dangerous goods compliance for all of the diverse industries throughout the province.

A sample of the facility inspection report can be downloaded by selecting the following link:

Facility Inspection Report (PDF, 54 KB)

Highway Tank Facility Reviews

Dangerous Goods Inspectors also monitor Transport Canada registered Highway Tank Facilities ensuring their compliance to conduct functions in accordance with their Certificates of Registration and to the dangerous goods legislation.