Alberta EDGE (Environmental and Dangerous Goods Emergencies)

Center for Transportation of Dangerous Goods (TDG), industrial railway, environment and energy incident reporting, and TDG inquiries.

Technical information

Alberta EDGE provides:

  • compliance information related to the federal and provincial dangerous goods legislation
  • federal and international requirements for the shipment of dangerous goods by air, road, rail or marine modes of transportation
  • interpretive information for the on-highway enforcement process as well as awareness material for inspectors, industry and the general public

Emergency reporting

Alberta EDGE:

  • manages all TDG emergency calls and assesses the severity of dangerous goods incidents
  • provides assistance to emergency response personnel attending the scene of an incident in which dangerous goods are involved, or may become a matter for concern
  • communicates openly with other regulatory agencies, such as the Alberta Energy Regulator (AER), in the event of an emergency or safety-related incident

More information

For more information, see Transport Canada’s comprehensive list of questions and answers about the transportation of dangerous goods: Safety Awareness Materials and FAQ.

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