These are survey results only - not recommended rates.

Land Clearing & Breaking

Operation Location Most Common 2015 Range 2016 Most Common 2016
Brushing & piling or repiling
(with a dozer blade)
- trucking not included
D3 $125/hr $125/hr $125/hr
D5 or D6 (140-180hp) $130-150/hr $130-150/hr $130-150/hr
D7 (180-200hp) $185-250/hr $160-250/hr $185-250/hr
D8 (225-335hp) $210-250/hr $210-250/hr $210-250/hr
Loader $200/hr $200/hr $200/hr
Smaller units - fuel not included $115-125/hr $115-160/hr $115/hr
Total reports = 53 Surveyed Fall 2016
Brush & Mulch Alberta - $260/hr $260/hr
Total reports = 5 Surveyed Fall 2016
Ripping or sub-soiling
- trucking not included
Alberta $155-225/hr $145-250/hr $155-225/hr
Total reports = 50 Surveyed Fall 2016
(higher rates for remote locations or tough terrain)
Alberta $220/hr $140-220/hr $220/hr
Total reports = 7 Surveyed Fall 2016
Breaking plow Alberta $45/ac $45/ac $45/ac
Total reports = 1 Surveyed Fall 2016
Rototilling Alberta $115/hr $115/hr $115/hr
Total reports = 6 Surveyed Fall 2016
Dugout construction, drainage, feedlot construction & land levelling
- trucking not included to site
D6 Cat $150/hr $130-150/hr $150/hr
D7 Cat $178-200/hr $160-225/hr $178-200/hr
D8 Cat $225-250/hr $225-250/hr $225-250/hr
Backhoe $130/hr $130/hr $130/hr
Dozers $115/hr $115/hr $115/hr
Dump trucks $100-110/hr $100-110/hr $100-110/hr
Excavators $120-185/hr
$2/cu yd
$2/cu yd
$2/cu yd
Graders $130/hr $130/hr $130/hr
Scrapers $250-300/hr $160-300/hr $250-300/hr
Total reports = 73 Surveyed Fall 2016
Rock picking Alberta $120/hr
Total reports = 4 Surveyed Fall 2016

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