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Farm financial statistics

Statistics relating to farm income.

Farm income

Alberta Farm Income Update
This update provides annual and quarterly estimates of Alberta farm cash receipts. This includes crops, livestock and livestock products, and direct program payments to producers.

Agri-Food Statistics Update: Farm Income
Collected from a variety of sources, this update provides users with commentary on current issues, trends and new developments related to agriculture and the food and beverage processing industries. To gauge Alberta’s performance, comparative data and information are often available for Canada and the provinces.

Farm input prices

Since 1976, Alberta Agriculture and Forestry has conducted a monthly survey of prices for over 50 representative farm inputs. These prices are collected by the Alberta Federation of Agriculture in partnership with the Statistics and Data Development Section. As of April 1, 2018, this project was sponsored by Canadian Agricultural Partnership, a federal-provincial-territorial agreement.

Annual overviews

Annual summary reports include tables listing the monthly survey results over a 2-year period and graphs illustrating 5-year price trends for each farm input. See Alberta Farm Input Prices: Overview.

Average monthly prices

Monthly average prices reported are intended to serve as a guide only. Actual prices at specific locations may differ from these provincial averages.

Use the Farm input prices online charting function to view recent input prices.

The monthly survey of prices are intended to serve as a guide; actual prices at specific locations may differ from provincial averages provided in this report. See all monthly reports for the following years: