The following outlines the key components of crown prosecutor pay for the Government of Alberta. Unless specified otherwise, crown prosecutor pay is subject to overall Government of Alberta pay policies.


The crown prosecutor Pay Policy applies to any legal officer through their employment with Alberta Crown Prosecution Service in their legal capacity as crown prosecutors, requiring membership with the Law Society of Alberta.


Crown prosecutor positions are classified as follows:

  • Crown Prosecutor 1 – Legal Counsel (Opted Out and Excluded)
  • Crown Prosecutor 2 – Manager, Zone 2
  • Crown Prosecutor 3 – Senior Manager, Zone 1
  • Crown Prosecutor 4 – Senior Manager, Zone 2
  • Crown Prosecutor 5 – Senior Manager, Zone 2
  • Crown Prosecutor, Executive Director – Executive Manager 1
  • Crown Prosecutor, Assistant Deputy Minister – Executive Manager 2

Base pay

Treasury Board has approved salary range maximums for crown prosecutors who work within Justice and Solicitor General.

Salary ranges for crown prosecutors are adjusted by the amount of any general increase applied to opted out and excluded and/or management classifications.

Table 1. Crown prosecutor compensation (effective April 1, 2022)

Crown prosecutors will be paid within the salary range of their assigned level.

Level Pay grade Salary range
Crown Prosecutor Level 1 522CPA $3,535.60 to $4,453.83
Crown Prosecutor Level 2 M2CPS $5,010.19 to $6,204.48
Crown Prosecutor Level 3 M3CPS $6,673.04 to $7,399.16
Crown Prosecutor Level 4 M4CPS $7,615.74 to $8,376.82
Crown Prosecutor Level 5 M5CPS $8,089.38 to $9,246.51
Executive Director, Crown Prosecution Service1 M6CPS $7,202.21 to $9,465.05
Assistant Deputy Minister, Crown Prosecution Service2 M8CPS $7,693.87 to $10,097.32

1 Executive Manager 1 salary range maximum plus 50% salary modifier
2 Executive Manager 2 salary range maximum plus 31% salary modifier

Anniversary date

April 1 is the anniversary date for all crown prosecutor positions.

The standard anniversary date for all management employees is April 1. The Public Service Commissioner has established April 1 as the uniform anniversary date for the Crown Prosecutor 1 (Legal Counsel).

In-range/merit increases

Government of Alberta policy applies. A deputy head may adjust the salary of a management or opted out and excluded employee, on their anniversary date based on an assessment of satisfactory performance as outlined in the salary adjustments directive.


Government of Alberta policy applies. An employee appointed to a position assigned a classification with a higher maximum salary will be paid within the new salary range according to factors outlined in the salary determination directive, effective the date of promotion.

Salary anomaly

Government of Alberta policy applies. An in-range salary adjustment for a management or opted out and excluded employee may be approved when a salary anomaly is identified as outlined in the salary adjustments directive.


Employees receive the same benefits as provided to other management or opted out and excluded employees.

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