International partnerships

Alberta maintains formal partnerships with regions around the world to promote economic development and cross-cultural collaboration.

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Alberta participates in several strategic relationships with regions in other countries, including states, provinces, oblasts and prefectures.

Sister province relationships

Sister province relationships help promote economic development-related activities and cross-cultural awareness and cooperation in:

  • culture
  • education
  • energy
  • sports
  • agriculture
  • technology
  • governance
  • tourism

Table 1. Active sister province relationships

Region First signed Renewed Key areas of focus
Gangwon, South Korea First signed in 1974 In perpetuity
  • education, agriculture, sports, biomedical and petrochemicals
Hokkaido, Japan First signed in 1980 In perpetuity
  • education, sport, agriculture, food, culture and municipal twinning relationships
Heilongjiang, China First signed in 1981 In perpetuity
  • trade, agriculture, environmental protection, education and culture
Jalisco, Mexico First signed in 1999 Renewed 2022
  • commercial and economic development in key sectors, including agriculture, forestry, energy, advanced industry research and development, education and tourism
  • enhance trade and investment and undertake collaborative activities in the areas of technology research and development
  • share best practices for public sector management related to economic development and diversification
Guangdong, China First signed in 2017 Legally expired
  • business and trade, energy, environment, infrastructure, transportation, education, health, culture, tourism and sports
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine First signed in 2004 Renewed 2022
  • agriculture, history, arts, economic cooperation, education, health, energy cooperation, humanitarian assistance, legal, science and technology, tourism, environment and security
Lviv, Ukraine First signed in 2005 In process of being renewed
  • agriculture, history, arts and culture, economy, education, energy, governance, health, humanitarian assistance, judicial and legal matters, and science and technology

Other partnerships

These partnerships are policy-oriented arrangements, which promote collaboration on issues of common interest.

Table 2. Active partnerships

Region First signed Renewed Key areas of focus
Alaska First signed in 2002 Reaffirmed in 2022
  • reaffirm the establishment of the Alaska-Alberta Bilateral Council
  • deepen cooperation regarding transportation, market access, energy and environmental issues


For more information on Alberta’s international partnerships, contact:

Hours: 8:15 am to 4:30 pm (open Monday to Friday, closed statutory holidays)

Intergovernmental Relations, Executive Council
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Chris Ryan, Executive Director
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Americas and Europe Unit

Tim Olsen, Director
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Indo-Pacific, Middle East and Africa Unit

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