Part of Pay directives

Compensation for part-time employees directive

This directive covers the calculation of salaries, benefits and holidays for part-time Alberta Public Service employees.


This directive describes the calculation of salary and benefits, overtime, and holidays for part-time employees.

Salary and benefits

Part-time employees are paid a bi-weekly salary and work not less than 40% of full-time employment.

A part-time employee's bi-weekly salary is calculated by multiplying the full bi-weekly salary by the portion of time the employee works.

Any other payments or deductions are based on an hourly rate, calculated by dividing the full bi-weekly salary by the normal bi-weekly hours of work for that class.

Part-time salaried employees are entitled to salary, benefits, annual vacation, modifiers, allowances, and paid leave entitlements (see directives Leave of Absence With Pay and Leave of Absence Without Pay) based on the percentage of time they work compared to a full-time salaried employee.

When benefit plans have a fixed premium payment, part-time employees pay the same premium as a full time employee and receive the same benefits.

All benefit entitlements are reduced to an hourly basis, and any absence for which a part-time employee uses an entitlement or benefit is calculated on an hour-for-hour basis.


Part-time non-management employees who are eligible to receive overtime compensation will receive it once they have worked the full normal hours for their class, whether overtime is controlled on a daily basis or through a balancing period.

Holidays (with and without pay)

Part-time employees are entitled to holiday pay as calculated by 5% of the employee's salary (wages, vacation and general holiday pay) earned in the 4 weeks immediately preceding a holiday. The days off comprise 13 statutory holidays.

Part-time employees are entitled to pay for actual hours worked and their part-time percentage for Christmas Closure days in lieu. Please refer to the Labour Relations Flash Bulletin on Christmas Closure. If you require further information, please contact Labour and Employment Policy.

About this directive

Authority:Public Service Act (Section 28)
Public Service Employment Regulation
Application:Employees under the Public Service Act
Effective Date:January 1, 2018
Contact:Alberta Public Service Commission:
Labour and Employment Practices; Classification, Compensation and Benefit Services