COVID-19 relaunch update

Licensed daycare, out-of-school and preschool programs are now able to begin reopening as part of Alberta's relaunch strategy.

These providers are required to follow the guidance for safely reopening child care programs found on Alberta Biz Connect.

Licensed child care

As part of Alberta's relaunch strategy, licensed daycare and out-of-school care programs can reopen as of May 14. Preschools can reopen as of May 28.

Relief funding for the child care sector is available to ensure they are ready to safely reopen and support families through Alberta’s economic recovery.

See all Public health orders.

Home-based child care

The maximum number of children allowed in approved family day homes remains temporarily changed to 6, not including their own children. This change allows approved family day home to provide additional child care spaces for people who are able to go into work during Stage 1 or have children at home due to school closures.

This also gives approved day home providers flexibility in keeping their own children at home and brings them in alignment with private providers, who can also provide care for up to 6 children, not including their own, at any one time. We do not monitor private child care providers but can issue closures if they are over this limit.

Enhanced sanitation practices should be used by all home-based child care providers, approved and private:

  • routinely clean and disinfect any surface that people regularly touch
  • handwashing facilities or hand sanitizer must be available to children
  • visitors and children should not enter if they are feeling unwell
  • visitors should wash their hands frequently

Guidance for approved family day homes and group family child care programs

Find child care

To find a child care or a family day home agency in your area, see the:

If you choose to look for a private child care provider, information about what to look for is available here: Finding quality child care.


Relief for the child care sector (May 6, 2020)