COVID-19 update

Provincewide restrictions on social gatherings do not apply to co-parenting arrangements, or service visits from family care givers, health care or child care providers. However, those visits must be limited to their intended purpose.

Licensed facility-based programs and licensed family day home agencies can operate as long as providers follow all public health orders and guidance for child care programs.

Licensed child care


See all Public health orders.

Home-based child care

Licensed child care

Family day home educators operating under licensed agencies can offer child care for up to 6 children not including their own.

Unlicensed child care

Unlicensed child care programs can provide child care for up to 6 children, not including their own, at any given time. We do not monitor unlicensed or private child care arrangements but can issue closures if they are over this limit.

Enhanced sanitization

Enhanced sanitation practices should be used by all home-based child care providers, whether they are licensed or unlicensed:

  • routinely clean and disinfect any surface that people regularly touch
  • handwashing facilities or hand sanitizer must be available to children
  • visitors and children should not enter if they are feeling unwell
  • visitors should wash their hands frequently

Guidance for approved family day homes and group family child care programs

Find child care

If you are in need of child care, see more information on finding and choosing child care.

You can also find licensed child care in your area using the: