Census of Canada highlights

The Office of Statistics and Information (OSI) publishes Alberta highlights of Statistics Canada’s Census program.

Census of Canada Alberta highlights

The OSI compiles and publishes Alberta highlights of every Statistics Canada’s Census program. 

2021 Alberta highlights

2016 Alberta highlights

2011 Alberta highlights

2006 Alberta highlights

National Household Survey

2011 National Household Survey highlights

Statistics Canada conducted the National Household Survey (NHS) for the first time in 2011. This voluntary, self-administered survey was introduced as a replacement for the long census questionnaire, more widely known as Census Form 2B. An NHS user guide is available.

Provincial Electoral Divisions

Provincial Electoral Division (PEDs) are territorial units which:

  • have Electoral Boundaries defined by the Alberta Electoral Divisions Act
  • are represented by an elected Member to serve in the Alberta Provincial Legislative Assembly

See the Social and community statistics page for PED profile documents and data, which provide detailed demographic and socio-economic information, and for other documents and data by PED.

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