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Information related to interpretations, clarifications, recommended practices or provincewide variances on Codes and Standards.


Municipal Affairs and the Safety Codes Council develop Alberta Building Code STANDATA. Some are issued under the authority of the code or the Safety Codes Act as provincewide variances or interpretations. Others are information bulletins that provide general advice on related matters.


Variance under the Safety Codes Act.

All variances are available through Open Government records.


All interpretations are available through Open Government records.


Building code bulletins are available through Open Government records.


All errata are available through Open Government records.


We deliver email notifications for variances, bulletins, interpretations, notices and erratas on codes and standards matters related to the Safety Codes Act.

Previous building STANDATA

Previous editions of STANDATA were issued under previous editions of the Alberta Building Code and are specific to the version of the code that they were issued under.

Once a new code comes into effect, all existing STANDATA are deemed to be obsolete and cannot be used for new construction.

However, they are still valid for evaluating code compliance of existing structures by fire services, insurance companies and building inspectors in consideration of renovations and retrofits.

Previous building code variances

Previous building code interpretations

Previous building code bulletins

Previous building code director’s rulings


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