Budget 2022 consultation

Albertans provided feedback to help set the direction of the provincial budget.


Your views helped us plan Budget 2022. Alberta’s economy is showing encouraging signs of recovery and growth, but there is still work to do to further diversify, strengthen our workforce, grow our resources and help everyday Albertans.

Your input helped us better understand your priorities for your family, business and community.

While the province’s fiscal outlook improved dramatically since the start of the year, Alberta is still spending more money than it brings in and we will pay about $2.5 billion this year in debt servicing costs. If we can bring the debt down, we will be able to focus more on public services.

The budget decisions we make now will help Albertans get ahead while making our economy stronger and ensuring our core services are efficient and affordable over the long term.


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Who is listening

Ministry of Treasury Board and Finance

Input received

Get informed

Online survey

Feedback was collected through an online survey from December 4, 2021 to January 21, 2022. Thank you to the thousands of Albertans who took the survey.

Written submissions

Chambers of commerce, industry associations, community organizations, municipalities and other groups were invited to submit letters or reports online outlining their budget priorities. Thank you to all the organizations that shared their thoughts.

Telephone town halls

Telephone town halls were held on January 18 and 19, 2022. Over 30,000 Albertans shared their priorities directly with the Finance Minister. We thank everyone who participated in these discussions.


Your input helped inform the development of Budget 2022, which was tabled February 24, 2022.