Table of contents

Executive Director

Name Phone Title
Janice Romanyshyn 780-415-0833 Provincial Assessor/Executive Director
Jennifer Patrick 780-422-8397 Office Coordinator
Joshua Adetunji 780-422-8308 Program and Policy Advisor
Manju Alex 825-468-4132 Advisor to the Provincial Assessor (CIPA)

Assessment and Property Tax Policy

Name Phone Title
Sheila Young 780-422-8078 Director, Assessment and Property Tax Policy
Amish Anand 780-641-9101 Advisor, Assessment Policy
Balkar Dusanj 780-641-8890 Analyst, Assessment Policy
Carley Kanuka 780-638-2984 Advisor, Assessment and Tax Legislation
Citas Olympia-Moore 780-422-8338 Assessment Technician
Donna Graham 780-644-7506 Advisor, Assessment and Property Tax
Grant Lloyd 780-427-3170 Manager, Regulated Property Assessment
Karac Hendriks-West 780-415-8394 Manager, Market Value Assessment
Lisa Wells 780-422-8395 Assessment Technician
Richard Chaney 780-427-8966 Advisor, Assessment and Property Tax
Ida Dei 825-468-4130 A/Manager, Assessment and Tax Legislation
Teresa Rella 780-415-6164 Advisor, Assessment Policy

Assessment Audit

Name Phone Title
Darren Rossiter 780-422-8392 A/Director, Assessment Audit
Angela Coutinho 780-644-7986 Business Analyst
Ben Chan 780-422-8405 Assessment Auditor
Brian Ferguson 825-468-4130 Assessment Auditor
Doug Walter 780-422-8363 Crown Property Assessment Auditor
Frank Wong 780-644-7835 Assessment Auditor
Karen Dickie 780-427-3649 Administrative Assistant
Ning Zheng 780-422-8410 A/Manager, Assessment Audit North
Rory Badger 780-638-4019 Assessment Auditor
Ruth Cassady 780-422-8417 ASSET Technical Support
Corinne Keough (Calgary) 403-297-5723 Assessment Auditor
Jason Tucnik (Calgary) 403-355-5581 Assessment Auditor
Keith Martin (Red Deer) 403-340-5345 Assessment Auditor
Larry Butz (Calgary) 403-592-2717 Assessment Auditor
Leah Liberato (Calgary) 403-476-4821 Administrative Assistant
Mike Lavigueur (Calgary) 403-297-5715 Assessment Auditor
Verle Blazek (Lethbridge) 403-388-1295 Assessment Auditor

Centralized Industrial Property Assessment (CIPA)

Name Phone Title
Aaron Slotsve 780-644-7507 A/Director, CIPA
Michael Tautchin 780-644-8933 CIPA Project Director
Michael Minard 780-643-6381 A/Major Plants Manager
Darcy Geseron (Lethbridge) 403-381-5599 Assessment Advisor
Celeste Lee 825-468-4136 Stakeholder Relations and Communication Advisor
Grace Zhao 780-644-2767 Assessment Advisor
Ken Anderson 780-427-8962 Finance and Administration Manager
Kevin Smyl 825-468-4139 Assessment Advisor
Mayling Mah 825-468-4131 Financial and Contract Advisor
Melanie Wong 780-644-3891 Assessment Advisor
Michael Georgeson (Red Deer) 403-754-6203 Assessment Advisor
Tally Quaschnick (Hanna) 403-297-4011 A/Industrial Sites Manager
Ryan Sweeney (Whitecourt) 780-778-7104 Industrial Property Assessor
Ryan Mastel (Lethbridge) 587-486-1040 Industrial Property Advisor
Sarah Howitt 825-468-4137 Assessment Advisor
Travis Pickering 780-641-9098 Industrial Property Advisor
Vasily Kim 780-644-2764 Assessment Advisor

Linear Assessment

Name Phone Title
Chris Risling 780-422-8414 Director, Linear Assessment and Data Management
Amita Jacob 780-422-8076 GIS Analyst
Anita Sjouwerman 780-427-2725 Quality Assurance and Control Advisor
Anthony Wu 825-468-4140 Data Analyst
Bandy Jyoti 780-641-9238 Industrial Property Assessor
Brenda Therrien 780-422-8357 Assessment Advisor
Chetan Adhikari 780-427-4594 Acting Operations Manager
Claire Pemberton-Pigott 780-422-8887 Assessment Technician
Dave Imrie 780-427-1688 Manager, Linear Property Assessment
Gail Reykdal 780-422-8302 Assessment Technician
Janet Hayes (Red Deer) 403-754-6298 Assessment Advisor
Joanne Fortin 780-641-9638 Assessment Advisor
Maureen Maddock 780-644-7824 Assessment Technician
Sandra Blais 825-468-4135 Industrial Property Advisor
Sabina Banu 825-468-4133 Geospatial Data Analyst
Sheryl Ferguson 780-644-4431 Administrative Assistant
Tracy Prusak 780-415-9001 Assessment Advisor
Westin Bennett 825-468-4138 Assessment Advisor