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A Parenting Order sets out for the guardians:

  • the decisions that need to be made for the child
  • how the child’s time will be divided between the guardians
  • if decisions are made by one guardian or both of them


You can apply for a Parenting Order if:

  • you want to determine how the responsibilities and decision-making for your child’s time will be divided between you and the other guardian
  • you or the other guardian haven’t started a divorce action
  • your child lives in Alberta

How to apply

Step 1. Fill out the required forms

Step 2. Fill out the forms based on your situation

If you want to share the responsibilities and decision-making for your child

Fill out the Statement - Parenting (0.1 MB) form.

If you want to become your child’s sole guardian

Fill out the Statement - Parenting (Sole Guardian) (0.01 MB) form.

Step 3. File your order

Do this at the same court, in the same location, where you’ve either:

  • already been to court with the other party
  • started any court action that hasn’t gone to court

If you haven’t done either of these things, file your claim at any court in Alberta.

If you don’t come to court, the judge may make an order in your absence.

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