Apply for a driver examiner licence

How to apply for a driver examiner licence as a new applicant or convert your out-of-province, driver examiner credential.

New applicants

Passenger vehicle road tests (Class 5 and 6) are conducted by driver examiners employed or contracted by registry agents.

If you are a new applicant, contact a registry agent office to begin your application.

Convert out-of-province credential

If you are an experienced driver examiner and want to convert your valid, out-of-province driver examiner credential to an Alberta driver examiner licence, follow these steps.

Step 1. Fill out application and provide supporting documents

  • Complete the driver examiner’s licence application.
  • Get a Criminal Record Check or Vulnerable Sector Check dated within 90 days of application.
  • Provide proof of your valid driver examiner credential issued in another province or territory. 

Step 2. Submit the application package

Submit your application to [email protected]. Applications are only accepted by email. You must provide a valid email address. All correspondence regarding your application will be done through email.

There is currently no fee to convert your out-of-province driver examiner credential.

Step 3. After you apply

We will provide a written acknowledgement we received your application within 10 business days. We will review the application, verify your supporting documents, and reach a decision within 20 days. Incomplete application packages will not be reviewed and returned to you.

If your application is refused, you may appeal the decision by emailing  [email protected]. Be sure to provide your reason for appealing the decision.

Step 4. After receiving Alberta driver examiner licence

You will need to complete the following training and knowledge to begin your driver examiner practice:

  • obtain an Alberta Class 4 or higher driver’s licence
  • secure an affiliation or contract with an Alberta registry agent
  • complete classroom training
  • complete on-road training
  • pass driver examiner knowledge test

You must also provide the following:

  • driver’s abstract with 5 years of driving history dated within 30 days of application for conversion
  • proof of minimum $2,000,000 general liability insurance coverage
  • signed Code of Conduct form
  • complete a FOIP e-Learning course through Service Alberta and submit the completed certificate to [email protected]


Connect with Driver Examination Standards:
Email: [email protected]