Application for barrier-free relaxation

Apply for relaxation of barrier-free design requirements.

  • Application for barrier-free relaxation

Sentence of Division C of the National Building Code-2019 Alberta Edition (NBC(AE)) states: The Provincial Building Administrator may grant relaxation of one or more of the requirements of Section 3.8. of Division B if an owner can demonstrate to the satisfaction of the Provincial Building Administrator that

  1. the specific requirements are unnecessary, or
  2. extraordinary circumstances prevent conformance.

We the owner/tenant (or their representative) of the building described below have been asked to provide barrier-free facilities as indicated below in conformance with the requirements of Section 3.8. of the NBC(AE) and are requesting a relaxation.

Note: This application for relaxation of barrier-free is not a guarantee that a relaxation will be granted.

See STANDATA 19-BCI-002R1 Barrier-Free Design Requirements: Relaxations

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