Amber Alert

Get current details or report tips on abducted children or adults with mental or physical disabilities.

If you have a tip about an Amber Alert, immediately call 911 or the number in the alert.


The Amber Alert program broadcasts details and asks for tips about abducted children or adults with a proven mental or physical disability. This program is based on a voluntary, co-operative partnership between:

How an alert is activated

When a child or an adult with a mental or physical disability is missing, law enforcement may activate an Amber Alert if law enforcement:

  • believes the missing person has been abducted
  • believes the missing person is in danger of serious harm or death
  • has enough descriptive information to help the public identify the abductee, abductor or mode of transportation
  • can issue the alert early enough that there is a reasonable expectation the abductee could be returned, or the abductor could be arrested

Broadcasting the alert

When an Amber Alert is broadcasted, the alert:

  • interrupts all participating radio and TV stations including satellites
  • appears on social media such as Facebook, Twitter and RSS feeds
  • appears on electronic highway signs
  • notifies the Canada Border Services Agency
  • sends a mobile notification to Alberta Emergency Alert subscribers
  • sends a mobile notification to Wireless Amber Alert subscribers

Alert details

Amber Alert details may include vital information such as:

  • a description of the suspect, abductee and any vehicle involved
  • details about when, where and how the abduction occurred
  • last possible location of the suspect or abductee
  • possible direction the suspect is traveling

Mobile alerts

You can get mobile notifications of an Amber Alert in 2 ways: