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Search for water licences and registrations in Alberta.

Important notice

Move my licence: Water Act

Effective February 2024, water licences issued under the Water Act and precedent legislation by the Alberta government before November 2021 will move to the Digital Regulatory Assurance System (DRAS). DRAS is a secure online platform to help licence holders compile and view all parts of their licence(s) and activities subject to environmental regulation.

All water licence holders are required to move their water licences into DRAS by the end of 2024.

For information on how to move your water licences into DRAS, refer to the Digital Regulatory Assurance System.


There are three ways to search for water licences held by the Alberta government:

  • The Alberta Water Licence Viewer uses a map of southern Alberta to find surface and groundwater water licence and registration documents located in the South Saskatchewan River Basin
  • The Alberta Flow Estimation Tool for Ungauged Watersheds (AFETUW) uses a provincial map to search for surface and groundwater licenses throughout Alberta
  • The Authorization Viewer uses a filled-in form to search for Water Act and Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act (EPEA) approvals, licences, registrations, authorizations, permits, and certificates document summaries

Note licences and registrations may be located in the center of the quarter sections, if the latitude/longitude is not available on the file. The approved plans under the Water Act files will have an accurate point of diversion.

For approved plans, see: Water Act forms.

System requirements

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  • At least Internet Explorer 6 or Mozilla Firefox 1.5
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  • Minimum screen resolution of 1024x768

A high-speed internet connection is strongly recommended.


The water allocation licence information provided on this website is for the convenience of individuals researching the potential of arranging a water allocation transfer, or for other purposes. The department endeavours to provide accurate information, but does not guarantee any part of the site is accurate or up-to-date. The information provided on the website should not be relied upon, and all data should be verified by examining the original paper documents in a department office prior to making any decisions or commitments. Water allocation licences are public information. The department does not accept responsibility for any damages that may result from reliance on any information found on this website.

How to use

  1. Alberta Water Licence Viewer
  2. Alberta Flow Estimation Tool for Ungauged Watersheds (AFETUW)
  3. Authorization Viewer
    • To view a specific authorization or approval under the Water Act or the Environmental Protection and Enhancement Act, and you already have identifying data for the authorization or approval, go to: Authorization Viewer.


For more information on the Alberta Water Licence Viewers contact the following: