The Alberta Research Network (ARN) enables Alberta Education to support the research needs of Alberta’s education system in a collaborative manner. It is a coalition of educators, researchers and policy-makers who work to improve the way research evidence is collected, accessed and used across the K-12 education system.

The network provides opportunities and supports for education partners to collaborate on research relevant to Alberta’s education system. Cooperation helps educators identify research trends and gaps, collaborative opportunities and solutions to complex education issues.

How to join

Eligible organizations can nominate a representative to the ARN by emailing [email protected]. This email should come from senior leadership, such as a superintendent or Dean of Education, and include the following information:

  • Name
  • Position
  • Email

Research Partnerships Program

The Research Partnerships Program's (RPP) purpose is to promote high-quality research that will improve student learning by supporting research partnerships between school authorities and post-secondary institutions. This grant program was created to foster collaborative research and to find ways to turn research findings into action. The program funds K-12 education research projects to:

  • better understand important issues
  • improve outcomes
  • promote sharing of and access to research findings

RPP grant recipients

Currently there are 3 cohorts. The first cohort was formed in spring 2017 with 11 research projects, the second in spring 2018 with 14 research projects and the third in spring 2019 with 10 research projects. A fourth call for proposals was announced on Sept. 30, 2020. The call closes on December 16, 2020. Get the facts on the 2020 Call for Proposals (PDF, 343 KB). The fourth cohort will be formed in spring 2020.

Cohort 1 priorities

  • implementing and evaluating new programs to improve student learning (particularly in math)
  • implementing and evaluating inclusive learning environments
  • improving outcomes for Indigenous students

Cohort 2 priorities

  • implementing Professional Practice Standards for teachers and leaders
  • Indigenous education (acting on the 'Promising Practices in Supporting Success for Indigenous Students' study’s findings and furthering the research)
  • supporting diversity

Cohort 3 priorities

  • social-emotional learning and wellness
  • equity in education
  • early learning
  • interdisciplinary research

Cohort 4 priorities

  • learning environments
  • vulnerable populations and access
  • student and teacher wellness
  • learnings from school re-entry


Connect with Alberta Education's Research Branch for more information about the ARN or the RPP by emailing Belina Caissie at [email protected].