Alberta Research Network

This coalition works to improve the way research evidence is collected, accessed and used across the K-12 education system.


The Alberta Research Network is coordinated by the Research Branch and enables Alberta Education to support the research needs of Alberta’s education system in a collaborative manner. It is a coalition of educators, researchers and policymakers who work to improve the way research evidence is collected, accessed and used across the Early Childhood Services to Grade 12 education system.

The network provides opportunities and supports for education partners to collaborate on research relevant to Alberta’s education system, helping educators identify research trends and gaps, and solutions to complex education issues.

How to join

Organizations are eligible to join the Alberta Research Network if they meet the following criteria:

  • are knowledgeable about, and involved in the coordination of, research activities taking place within their organizations
  • are able and willing to attend and share information from the Alberta Research Network meetings with their colleagues, to inform practice and to build the research capacity of their organizations
  • willing to provide input and/or feedback for the continuous improvement and sustainability of the Alberta Research Network

Eligible organizations can nominate a representative to the Alberta Research Network by emailing [email protected].

This email enquiry should come from senior leadership, such as a superintendent or dean of education, and include the following information:

  • name
  • position
  • contact email

Research Partnerships Program

The Research Partnerships Program facilitates opportunities for research connections between post-secondary research institutions and school authorities. This program is intended to support collaborative research projects that focus on research questions most relevant to Alberta’s education system.

Research Partnerships Program call for proposals

Research plays a vital role in ensuring that policies and practices in the education system are evidence-based. Alberta Education is providing a funding opportunity to support research in key areas.

Funds provided by the program will support research priorities that have the potential to impact the Early Childhood Services to Grade 12 education system and improve outcomes for students.

To date, 6 cohorts of studies have been funded through this research grant program.

Research priorities for each cohort are determined in advance of the call for proposals and seek to address the evolving needs of students in Alberta.

A seventh call for proposals is now open and will close on January 15, 2024 at 4:30 pm. The priorities for the current call for proposals are as listed below.

Research priorities

  1. Relationship building between Indigenous communities and schools to improve educational outcomes for First Nations, Métis, and Inuit students
  2. Learning supports to address diverse and complex classroom needs
  3. Social-emotional wellness of students and teachers
  4. Access to pathways into post-secondary education and the workforce
  5. Effective strategies for the recruitment and retention of qualified teachers, teacher leaders, and education support staff
  6. Implementation supports and effective assessments for the development of foundational skills in literacy and numeracy
  7. Approaches to the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the school system

For information about the call for proposals application process and to obtain an application form, contact the Research Branch by email at [email protected].

Past Research Partnerships Program grant cohorts

Cohort 1 priorities (2017)

  • implementing and evaluating new programs to improve student learning
  • implementing and evaluating inclusive learning environments
  • improving outcomes for Indigenous students

Cohort 2 priorities (2018)

  • implementing Professional Practice Standards for teachers and leaders
  • Indigenous education
  • supporting diversity

Cohort 3 priorities (2019)

  • social-emotional learning and wellness
  • equity in education
  • early learning
  • interdisciplinary research

Cohort 4 priorities (2021)

  • learning environments
  • vulnerable populations and access
  • student and teacher wellness
  • learnings from school re-entry

Cohort 5 priorities (2022)

  • student and teacher wellness
  • learning gaps
  • technology-enhanced learning
  • secondary data analysis of Alberta results in international and pan-Canadian studies 

Cohort 6 priorities (2023)

  • learning gaps primarily at higher grades
  • social-emotional wellness
  • learning environments
  • equity
  • secondary data analysis of Alberta results in International and pan-Canadian Studies


Connect with Alberta Education's Research Branch for more information about the Alberta Research Network or the Research Partnerships Program:

Email: [email protected]