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Northern Lights recipient – Mila and Nellie Tresidder

On April 1, they were recognized for giving their time to brighten the lives of long-term care residents.

Close-up of Mila and Nellie Tresidder hugging each other

Location: Canmore, Alberta

Sometimes, it’s the smallest gestures that have the greatest impact.

Since they began volunteering in 2019, Mila and Nellie Tresidder have become familiar faces to long-term care residents and patients at the Canmore General Hospital. From taking time to chat with seniors in long-term care to helping put together admissions charts, Mila, aged 13, and Nellie, aged 11, are quick to volunteer wherever there is a need.

The duo has also put their creative talents to good use, creating homemade Christmas cards to deliver to delighted patients. When the COVID-19 pandemic limited the opportunities for patients to see family, Mila and Nellie began penning letters to be delivered to both patients and clients who were isolated at home.

By their example, these two sisters are demonstrating the impact of a smile and the power of a kind word – to make a difference in the lives of others.

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